Report (анг)

Report (анг)



This year the unique platform for open dialogue between manufacturers and end consumers "PHAETON EXPO'2019" united the leaders of the auto service market and has shown significant growth over the past years of the event. 37 participating companies — from manufacturers and suppliers of components, to official importers and dealers — from 12 countries of the world presented comprehensive solutions for all spheres of car service and after-sales service for cars.

During the two days of the exhibition, specialists from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were able to get acquainted with the latest innovations, to assess the advantages of goods in such areas as: spare car parts, automotive components and consumables, diagnostic equipment, oils and lubricants, automotive chemicals, automobile cosmetics and car care products and other essential products for repair and car maintenance.

The exhibition "PHAETON EXPO'2019" was attended by more than 1,700 people from more than 17 cities and settlements of Kazakhstan, as well as guests from Moscow, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. More than 65% of visitors are business executives, sales managers, as well as auto service specialists, over 30% are individuals, car owners and car enthusiasts, state employees and students of specialized universities. Thanks to the competent registration process and the notification of the target audience both in B2B and B2C sectors, the International Specialized Exhibition PHAETON EXPO once again confirmed its importance and meaning among its participants and visitors.

Both industry leaders and companies that entered the market of Kazakhstan recently presented their expositions. On the stands of these companies it was possible to get acquainted with the latest achievements and innovations in the field of car service, learn world news and modern trends in the market of auto components, get qualified consultation: MS Motorservice, Bosch, Kyb, Denso, Carberry, Elring, NRF, Ngk, Winkod, Bilstein group, Dayco, Meiji, CTR, Dolz, Japanparts, Lesjofors, Mann-filter, Castrol, Osram, Contitech, MK Kashiyama, BorgWarner, Mahle, Schaeffler, ZF, Gates, FMG RoadHouse, NPR, Luzar, Mitsuboshi, Meyle, Bilstein, Sangsin Brake, Febest, ERA, LAVR.e, NPR, Luzar, Mitsuboshi, Meyle, Bilstein, Sangsin Brake, Febest, ERA, LAVR.

Special thanks the organizers of the exhibition express to: the general partner of "PHAETON EXPO'2019" — MS Motorservice, as well as to the title partners of the exhibition - BOSCH and KYB for many years of successful partnership and trust.

Within the framework of the specialized exhibition "PHAETON EXPO'2019", the latest equipment and innovations were presented, which aroused keen interest among the visitors of the exhibition. Since the beginning of 2019, BOSCH has launched eXtra loyalty program in Kazakhstan. This program, addressed to retail stores and service stations, was also presented at the exhibition. Thanks to it, buying quality parts of BOSCH parts, one can accumulate points, and then convert them into a variety of gifts from the catalog - branded clothes, household appliances, Apple products and much more. Gates presented a range of parts for the gas distribution system and auxiliary drive. Pumps of liquid cooling systems and an extended range of cooling pipes were also shown at the exhibition this time. In addition to the hardware, KYB showed at the exhibition an extended functionality of its own portal, which allows to accurately pick up the necessary shock absorber or spring, learn about the three-year warranty, that more and more operations are available online, without any paper documents. At the exhibition Mahle told the guests of the stand about a wide range, which in addition to filters also includes engine parts, turbines, thermostats. The Bilstein group said that it will soon begin to attract technical specialists for cooperation in the local market to optimize many important service processes. Gates presented a range of parts for the gas distribution system and auxiliary drive. Pumps of liquid cooling systems and an extended range of cooling pipes were also shown at the exhibition this time. At the NPR stand, the engine parts were presented: rings, pistons, sleeves, liners and valves. Not so long ago, the product range expanded with water and oil pumps, rings for engines of Japanese and Korean cars were also added. Denso showed at "Phaeton Expo 2019" its main product range: spark plugs, lambda probes, compressors, starting generators, diesel components. Among the novelties, Enduro Vision frame and frameless brushes for passenger cars were present at the stand. This product entered the market in January 2019 and today it covers the vast majority of the needs of motorists. The main product range of the company was presented at the CTR stand: suspension and steering parts, rubber metal, brake pads and shock absorbers. Representatives of the company told that to date new types of plastics that can withstand heavy loads are being developed. One of the types of tests of the CTR ball joints provides 500 thousand cycles of movement under load, which is approximately comparable to five years of operation of the vehicle. Osram presented the new line of Night Breaker Lazer halogen and xenon lamps as new products. The increase in brightness of these light sources is 150 and 200%, respectively. And what is important — their use is allowed on public roads. At the stand of the company, one could also see Neolux xenon lamps, the guarantee for which is a year. This advantageous condition applies only in the CIS countries, in Europe it is not. Bilstein introduced core technologies and a leading product line that offers to an independent market of post-warranty service. The company Lesjofors presented the coil springs, which are popular due to the high quality and technical characteristics of the products. Representatives of the company ZF told the guests about the application ZF Pathfinder, which allows to identify the original and reliably protect against falsification. And they also tirelessly reminded that it is necessary to purchase parts and consumables from official suppliers, such as Phaeton DC, which will never trade fakes. A 9-speed transmission oil, that has already appeared in the Phaeton DC product range, has been demonstrated on the company’s stand as a new product.

The organizer of the exhibition introduced to the market a young, increasingly popular Kazakhstan brand Winkod and two new product groups - suspension parts and shock absorbers. New products were interesting for servicemen and motorists because of a good ratio in the category “price - quality”. Today, Winkod already contains 800 item positions and in 2019 intends to make a breakthrough, gaining up to 3,000 positions. Currently, the brand is represented in 19 branches of Phaeton DC in all major cities of the country. In addition, in 2019, Phaeton DC launched a new service under the trademark Phaeton Logistics (PHL). Thanks to the accumulated experience and knowledge in the field of transport and logistics services, the Company has set the main goal - to provide the most effective solutions for business. Today, the company has a staff of highly qualified specialists who are ready to arrange door-to-door delivery of the cargo for each client right on time!

The rich business program of the exhibition included events that addressed the most pressing issues of the development of automobile and petrol services. For two days, a special attention of specialists attracted: - contests among autodiagnostisans on troubleshooting and replacement of faults; - contests to replace WINKOD pads and NGK candles; - practical information session: modern methods of diagnostics of vehicles using Bosch equipment; - practical workshops from MS Motorservice; - master classes from the largest manufacturer of automotive chemistry in Russia - the company LAVR.

In addition, seminars and trainings were held in two different areas of the exhibition pavilion for beginners and professionals in their field. And for all those who revealed a desire to learn more about the technical characteristics, features of operation and product updates, the participants of the exhibition in the format of “round tables” answered the interesting questions and brief presentations.

Many thematic areas, which equipped the exhibition pavilion did not allow to be bored both professionals and simple guests of the event. A special dedicated playground with cheerful costume animators, planetarium, activity zone and master classes was appreciated by children. In the virtual reality zone and lounge-zone, visitors could have a good time and take a breath, have a snack and just share their impressions and emotions. And the central stage of "PHAETON EXPO'2019" from time to time gathered a large number of visitors ready to participate in lotteries and contests conducted by the organizers of the exhibition, as well as companies: Denso, LAVR, MS Motorservice, ZF, DOLZ, Bosch, DAYCO, giving amazing gifts to all lucky people.

The exposition of "PHAETON EXPO'2019" covered many areas of the automotive and petrol service market, automotive aftermarket. The main goal that the organizers set for themselves and successfully implemented was the creation of an effective information platform between global manufacturers of the auto parts market and end users who, through the acquisition of unique knowledge, were able to discover new perspectives for themselves.

Most of the exhibitors noted the qualitative and quantitative growth of the professional audience and have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition next year.

The organizers of the exhibition - the company Phaeton DC.
For 15 years Phaeton DC is the largest distributor of automotive components on the market of Kazakhstan and your reliable partner!